About Us

Restoration Of Photo gives back the good memories and feelings associated with old pictures by restoring them back to their original or earlier condition by repairing it. Whether damaged by human nature, environmental causes or age and neglect we can restore it. One price, one quality $39.99.

Photo restoration is a labor of love for us. Restoring photographs began as an interest and simply a nice thing to do for our family. On the mantle and over the fireplace were ancient pictures of grandparents, aunts, etc. Frames were bent and the glass was cracked. What happened there? Pictures were stuck to the glass and would tear when trying to remove them. Where has this been? Is this how we want to remember them? We can do better.

Our quiet quest which began as an attempt to surprise the people we care about took upon a life itself. We want to share the amount of joy and happiness restoring photos brought to us. We created restorationofphoto.com to share those good times with the world.